• individual adaptations to Org-You
  • Web application development
  • iOS and Android apps programming


Manage your workforce and conserve resources. Assign access rights, set working hours and create sections.

Keep an eye on capacity at all times. Assign projects and create project plans. Enter holidays and cut out the hassle of time tracking.

Create contacts in seconds – whether they are prospects, customers or suppliers. Each “contact card” contains an overview of all documents related to your contacts. You can store important information for your employees in the notes field.

Digitally record times for orders and positions in an instant, then recalculate them with just a few clicks! Approve times and create reports for your customers. Even on the move – via app.

Calculate quotes and orders, including ongoing cost calculations. Store relevant files directly in the created quote or order. Enhance your workflow and create quote and order templates. Create and edit items. Trigger invoices.

Create outgoing invoices and reminders with a single click. Enter incoming invoices and material costs for each order. Mark invoices as “paid”.

Clear overviews keep you on top of things. Your business figures are always up to date. Check the status of your receipts at any time and adjust them if necessary.

Set up your shop with ease. Add different features and manage shop items easily and clearly.

Create live construction journals on your smartphone or tablet. Record important information such as defects directly in the app. Document facts with photos (which you can edit) and get them signed off by the people present. Everything is done on the spot.

Book ordered items and keep your stock levels up to date. You can also keep track of all your open and overdue orders.

Create picking and delivery notes and book outgoing goods. You always have an overview of future outgoing goods and can track which orders have not yet been completed.

Realistically assess your order pipeline. Track enquiries, quotes and forthcoming orders.

Work transparently with your team on projects. Create workflows on a timeline for everyone to look at.

Design document templates according to your preferences. Create authentic letter templates for serial letters in your corporate design.

View your contacts on a world map. Plan business trips and employee assignments more efficiently.

Process tickets and messages from your customers quickly and in the right order. Create quotes or orders directly from tickets.

Design your ERP system to work the way you want it to. Manage company data. Create data backups. Define number ranges. In short, turn all the screws until your ERP system fits like a glove.

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